Trusted Advisors to Our Clients and Their Clients

Founded in 1999, ITPG Secure Compliance is dedicated to getting ahead of cyber threats before they can stop business.

Our subject matter experts are sought-after authorities in IT security, risk mitigation, compliance, gap analyses and threat remediation, with decades of experience consulting, auditing, training and implementing enterprise security across multiple industries and for multiple resellers.

Our principal consultants literally wrote the book on information security. They have trained thousands of CISSPs to be CISSPs, and authored books on the fundamentals of information systems security. As a result, we have contractual relations with more than 100 CISSPs  who specialize in multiple market sectors, including healthcare (HIPAA/HITECH), retail (PCI-DSS), higher education (FERPA), government contracting (FedRAMP, NIST), and energy (FERC/NERC).

Our Philosophy

Based in Vienna, VA, ITPG Secure Compliance is built on the philosophy that our business goes where it is earned and stays where it is appreciated.

It has long been our experience and belief that after technical competence, the most important factor in selecting a security vendor is trust. Not only must you feel confident that the company you choose can perform the work, but that their integrity, unbiased guidance, business acuity and effectiveness set them apart.