Predictable Budgeting for Security and Compliance

Information security is a strategic business enabler, critical to remaining competitive and compliant. For CISOs, CIOs, and CCOs, budgeting for security and compliance has been anything but strategic. More like a vicious cycle of emergency spending and reallocation of CAPEX expenditures to mitigate risks and address threats.

Companies can avoid such scenarios by managing security and compliance as a service, with monthly operational expenditures (OPEX) similar to other costs of doing business. This ensures that your organization has the necessary budget to support ongoing regulatory compliance and the security of your IT infrastructure.

Predictable, Projectable, Scalable

ITPG Secure Compliance provides cost magnitude estimates and budget advisory services for each service we deliver. Compliance gap analysis, remediation plans, and security and risk assessments can be folded under Compliance as a Service (CaaS).


  • ITPG’s CaaS can remove the need to negotiate for CAPEX budgets and reduce scrutiny of security line items.
  • We can eliminate those unanticipated, unbudgeted requests to remediate a new or existing issue you didn’t know you had.
  • We have the expertise to identify all the compliance gaps and security vulnerabilities keeping you up at night.

Compliance at Your Service

You have a business to manage and never enough resources. Call us to make your life easier. Why hog all the headaches for yourself?

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