Prepare for an Audit

You just got notified that your organization will be audited for IT security compliance. Or it’s possible the auditor may just show up unannounced. To identify security holes before an auditor does, you will want an independent third party to perform a Compliance Gap Analysis.

ITPG Secure Compliance frequently uncovers compliance deficiencies that were previously overlooked. We employ PCI Qualified Security Assessors, CISSPs, and Governance Risk and Compliance specialists with a granular knowledge of HIPAA’s Security and Privacy Rule, NIST 171 CUI Readiness, FFIEC and other industry-specific mandates.

What Does our Compliance Gap Analysis Include?

  • An immediate snapshot of your organization’s current baseline for compliance
  • On-site inspection of your IT infrastructure and environment, policies and procedures
  • Identified gaps qualified for criticality and severity
  • Prioritized remediation plan to correct critical and major compliance gaps
  • Review of cyber, data breach and non-compliance insurance
  • Cost magnitude estimate, level of effort, and suggested timeline to remediate
  • Risk appetite analysis based on risk acceptance vs. risk avoidance
  • Executive level / Board level presentation to obtain remediation go or no go decision

Expect Gaps

ITPG’s Gap Analysis is thorough. You should expect to find gaps. Be thankful we do. If you are out of compliance at the time of a breach, the fines are staggering and the non-financial costs, worse. Don’t risk it. Get in touch with our GRC experts at ITPG Secure Compliance.

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