How Deep Are Your Compliance Gaps?

Is your organization’s business model dependent on achieving regulatory compliance? How fast must you achieve compliance to ensure your business is not impacted?  Do you have a proper “Forward, Due Diligence” remediation plan in place?

ITPG works with you to develop a Gap Remediation Plan that is tailored to your business and based on realistic capabilities. Our report provides an actionable remediation roadmap with tasks, milestones, resource requirements, dependencies, timelines, and a cost magnitude estimate.

Our Approach

We know how critical it is to complete gap remediation in as short a time as possible. Over the years, our senior level IT security teams have fine-tuned a process to streamline the time, cost and resources required.

  • We organize the plan by People, Process, & Technology, which allows us to work in parallel on tasks that require input and work flow definitions from various departments,
  • We determine whether implementation requires a completely outsourced or hybrid project team allocation, and itemize specific tasks and deliverables.
  •  We develop a proper Forward, Due Diligence roadmap for achieving regulatory compliance with a defined budget and timeline
  • We present you with executive level / board level status reports, cost magnitude estimates and ongoing remediation updates.

Actionable and Expedited

Organizations under a federal compliance law must demonstrate “Proper Forward Due Diligence” if they are not compliant.

We can advise you what to do, when to do it, and how to expedite the gap process to become compliant in the quickest amount of time.

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