Welcome to Hell

You just got a call from your managed security services provider alerting you of a potential data breach.  Now what are you going to do? 

The purpose of having a Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) plan is to address security incidents when they occur. Our Incident Response Plan & Training solution provides organizations with a much needed definition, work-flows, and procedures for properly handling security incidents within their organization. This is of critical importance if your organization must comply with a regulatory compliance mandate.

Four Simple Questions

  • Are you required to have a CSIRT plan, team, and annual training?
  • Do you know what to do in the event of a security incident?
  • What does Chain of Custody mean in regards to your IT assets and forensics investigations?
  • Do you have a data breach handling policy and procedure?

“What If?”

Our principal security consultants have years of experience walking organizations through incident response “what if” scenarios as part of a larger solution:

  • Defined roles, responsibilities and accountabilities for the in-house or hybrid CSIRT team
  • CSIRT plan customized to your organization
  • Incident response policies and procedures
  • Incident response methodology that ensures Chain of Custody
  • Security incident criticality/severity definitions
  • Scenario-based incident response, table-top exercises

What to Do and When to Do It

There is no time to plan when the inevitable breach occurs. Let ITPG Secure Compliance map out the steps and protocols to ensure your CSIRT is ready to execute.

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