Can a Hacker Break In? We’ll Find Out.

Hackers and perpetrators use many techniques to circumvent IT systems, applications, and data. So does our team of “ethical hackers”.

Our penetrating testing services are focused on intrusive network layer penetration testing and/or application layer penetration testing. Our white hat, ethical hackers have expertise in IP data networking and web applications with back-end SQL databases.

We don’t just “push the button”, we perform ethical hacking using known attack vectors, craft unique scripts to automate exploitation, and drop payloads to demonstrate privileged escalation.

Four Immediate Questions

  • Are you planning for a new network infrastructure or DMZ/VLAN?
  • Are you required to physically and logically segment your IP traffic?
  • Are you deploying a new web application on the Internet?
  • Have you recently upgraded or modified your web application?

No Pen Tests Are Ever the Same

Our seasoned pen test team knows how to improvise, based on what’s found. We footprint, scan and map your network to uncover pathways used by threat actors. Our findings include:

  • Confirmation of any known exploits for intrusive network layer penetration testing (i.e., can you get past the firewall, can you layer 2 VLAN hop, etc.)
  • Detailed network layer penetration test results with remediation recommendations
  • Confirmation of any known exploits for web application layer testing (i.e., can you get past the web application, can you access the server, is there an internal web application firewall, can you access the back-end SQL database, etc.)

What type of penetration test is best for your organization?

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