Do You Know Your Security’s True Posture?

A Security Posture Assessment (SPA) can be a much needed wakeup call for your organization. More often than not, this in-depth evaluation uncovers blind spots and vulnerabilities in your information security that present a different picture of your true security posture.

When we conduct a SPA, we analyze the susceptibility of your information security to a wide range of threats, including commonly overlooked factors that can increase risk past your organization’s risk tolerance. These can be elements as obvious as:

  • Improperly configured printers and copiers
  • Unauthorized use of collaboration and file sharing apps
  • Insufficient internal controls
  • Third party vendors not included in risk assessments
  • Lack of visibility and control over social media

How do you determine whether a Security Posture Assessment is necessary?

Four Simple Questions

  • Is your organization lacking a roadmap, plan, timeline, and budget to implement an information security management program?
  • Are you confident that your organization has identified all of your risks, threats, and vulnerabilities?
  • Do you know what needs to be remediated first?
  • Are you struggling to forecast and budget CAPEX and OPEX funding requirements for ongoing compliance, security, and privacy?

Validate the maturity of your security program.

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Why Work With Us?

It is critical to work with highly experienced security professionals who also possess the business acumen needed to holistically understand IT security. ITPG Secure Compliance analysis provides you with a comprehensive report with specific and actionable business-relevant remediation recommendations based on severity of risk, data sensitivity, financial resources, and business imperatives.

IT Security Posture Assessment

  • “Critical” and “Major” gaps in your information security program
  • Roadmap to meet compliance, security, and privacy goals
  • Plan of action and priority for gap remediation
  • Cost magnitude estimate, timeline, and resource commitment
  • Optional executive management/board level presentation