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November 27, 2017 / CISSP

If you want to enter the cyber security career field, there is one certification that is the gold standard of excellence that should top your list – CISSP. Globally recognized as the premier cyber security certification, nearly 100,000 people hold the certification worldwide, according to (ISC)². If you’re thinking about getting into cyber security, the first thing you should know is the average CISSP salary.

According to (ISC)², as of October 2016, 89,932 people hold the certification worldwide. In the same year, surveyed a group of 3,872 CISSPs finding their average yearly CISSP salary ranged from $54,820 to $152,311- depending on the participants location, years of experience and job title. This wide range of CISSP salary is easily understood because of the location. In places like New York City and Washington, DC, CISSP salary numbers are much higher than ones outside of the big city.

According to the study, the location with the highest average CISSP salary was New York at $119,840/year. The next highest CISSP salary is in Washington DC and Atlanta Georgia. You can see each city’s respective median salary in the image below:


2017 CISSP Mean Salary by City

City Salary Data
Washington, District of Columbia $110,142.00
New York, New York $119,840.00
Atlanta, Georgia $96,372.00
Chicago, Illinois $101,687.00
San Diego, California $102,421.00
Dallas, Texas $102,439.00
Boston, Massachusetts $103,520.00

Finally, here’s a look at the job titles that have the highest median salary. You can see from the image below that Security Architects, Information Security Managers and Information Technology Directors earn the highest wages.

2017 CISSP Mean Salary by Job Title (CISSP Jobs)

Salary By Job Title (CISSP Jobs) National Salary Data
Information Security Analyst $80,540.00
Information Security Manager $105,152.00
Security Consultant $93,529.00
Information Security Officer $103,183.00
Information technology (IT) Director $105,112.00
Security Architect, IT $110,451.00
Security Engineer, Information Systems $92,793.00


What You Can Do to Increase Your CISSP Salary

We have learned that to increase your CISSP salary, experience and location helps in a big way. Fortunately, talent and knowledge go a long way, too. Mark Rasch J.D., from Rasch Technology and Cyber Law and Dr. V. N. Berlin, President, from MCI have put together a special webinar to fast-track you in your cybersecurity career. Based on research reported by (ISC)², Washington Post, Burning Glass and the U.S. Bureau of the Census, this webinar can help increase your CISSP Salary by up to $53,000 more.

Here are the details:

  • Discover the four hottest cyber security career paths and current trends.
  • Learn the key steps successful veterans, IT and cyber security professionals take to advance their cyber careers.Learn the steps you can take to fast-track your cyber security career in 2017 and earn up to $53K more in your CISSP salary — as a cyber security technologist, project manager, enterprise leader or entrepreneur. Perhaps you want to earn CISSP, CEH, CAP or other DoD 8570 certification(s)? Receive security clearance sponsorship? Acquire more specialized cyber security project experience? Attain an accredited, practitioner-focused and taught cyber security graduate certificate or MBA/MS in cyber security? Attend this webinar and learn how to begin your plan to fast-track your cybersecurity career.Whether you seek to enter or advance in cyber security, achieve leadership status, or start your own cyber security venture you will learn specific steps you can take to reach your goals.

CISSP Salary Calculator

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