Webinar: Leading through adversity and burnout to create a high performing security team

November 21, 2017 / Webinars

Presenter: Sharon Smith, CISSP ITPG Secure Compliance VP, Cybersecurity Strategy and Advisory Services

Time: Nov 30 2017 1:00 pm

Duration: 1 hour

Security professionals are constantly in a state of adversity, always trying to battle the unseen advisory with little resources and lack of understanding from leadership. Often there is little to no recognition of a job well done, because no one can see the results of a good security team, no breach. It is only when there is an issue that the lights shine on the security team and that is when everyone asks why is it going wrong? This makes leadership within security that much harder, how do you help a team that is up against constant adversity from burning out and leaving. In this webinar, Sharon Smith will discuss the Five Pillars of a high performance security team and how you as a leader can tap into these to help your team achieve more and get better results.

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