How Secure is Your IP Data Network?

Do you know how difficult it would be to compromise your organization’s network security? Let us check before someone tries.

Our Network Security Assessment provides a thorough analysis of your entire IT infrastructure. We catalogue all of your internal and external networks, systems, security processes, and the controls that secure your network from unauthorized access, including:

  • An IP host discovery scan to identify all IP-connected assets and Internet ingress/egress points
  • Your IP stateful firewall deployments, layer 2 and layer 3 network configurations providing physical or logical network segmentation and overall availability
  • The location of your regulated or sensitive data and where it must traverse through your IP data network

Can You Answer These Four Simple Questions?

Changes to your IT infrastructure or inadequate network security testing increases the importance of an immediate Network Security Assessment.

  • Are you buying or refreshing your existing IP data networking infrastructure?
  • Are you replacing or upgrading your perimeter firewalls, DMZ, or VLAN?
  • Are you performing periodic network layer penetration testing (internal & external)?
  • Are you sweeping or auditing your wireless networks, such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and RFID for rogue devices?

Secure Your Network

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