What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Without a Vulnerability Assessment of your network infrastructure, your organization inevitably will find out what can and will go wrong.

Knowing where the vulnerabilities are is critical to preventing hackers from exploiting misconfigurations in your operating system. Dangerous script configurations, rogue devices connected to your systems, servers allowing use of dangerous protocols, or vulnerabilities such as those found in Windows XP systems are just the tip of the iceberg.

Can You Answer These Four Questions?

  • Are you under a regulatory compliance mandate to perform periodic vulnerability assessment scans and patching?
  • Do you have a vulnerability management plan in place that defines periodic vulnerability scanning with continuous patch remediation cycles?
  • Do you perform vulnerability assessment scanning after a new IT asset or software upgrade is implemented into production?
  • Are your public-facing IT assets fully patched and hardened? If the answer to these questions is “no” or “I don’t know”, it’s time to act.

Security Scanners’ False Positives

ITPG’s vulnerability assessment scanning and testing services include a rigorous “False Positive” review and filtering of Critical and Major vulnerabilities to pinpoint real vulnerabilities impacting mission critical IT assets.

  • We don’t just “push the button”, we perform a detailed “False Positive” elimination process based on our real world experience with known IT asset vulnerabilities.
  • We demystify vulnerability assessment reporting with a clear and concise short list of actionable steps to take for confirmed vulnerabilities.
  • We provide a recommended patch remediation schedule based on immediate via emergency change request ticket (7 days, 30 days, etc.)

Vulnerability Assessments are only as good as the security professionals who deploy them.

The principal security consultants at ITPG Secure Compliance have taught thousands of IT security professionals to be IT security professionals. We were instrumental in developing the CISSP credential and still instruct security professionals seeking certification.

Trust our certified and experienced team to identify, analyze, report and mitigate the risks associated with the vulnerabilities we find.

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